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The Fog of Startups

There is a documentary called “The Fog of War” (won an Academy Award) that describes decision making in a war. It features Robert McNamara, who was Secretary of Defense in the context of Vietnam.  Wars are very messy and the information available to the generals and decision-makers is usually very imperfect and incomplete. Nevertheless, decisions […]

The Dark Side of Index Investing

While I have been a fan of investing in index funds and ETF’s for some time, I always start to get wary when some form of investment becomes all the rage.  At the moment, “Index investing” is widely touted to solve all manner of investment challenges and 16 of the 25 largest mutual funds are […]

The Magical Importance of a Dashboard

My venture partner David Hehman and I have noticed that all of our best performing companies have dashboards that they share with us. It’s critically important that the CEO of a company, it’s senior employees and primary investors understand what is going on with the business. The best way to do that is to have […]